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    Available courses

    Summer 2020

    Designed for grades 6-12, this course offers a good starting place if you are new to integrating data collection, manipulation, and display as part your citizen-science related instructional activities.  Specific projects will be highlighted in this course, including Project BudBurst, eBird, FrogWatch, Picture Post, and CoCoRaHS.  

    This course assumes a basic familiarity with the concept of citizen science and direct experience with or participation in at least one citizen science project.  Familiarity with using spreadsheets is also helpful.  

    Facilitator: Carolyn Mohr Ed.S. 

    Discover how studying the life cycles of plants (phenology) reveals some consequences of climate change. This month-long, facilitated online course includes tips and activities to help you incorporate an observation-rich citizen science project (Budburst) into your lesson plans. Your students will be able to contribute to a national database and use that data to analyze how their world is changing. This course is listed as "Introduction to Plant Phenology and Climate Change (CT-1213)" by the Colorado School of Mines.